Tips For Choosing Concrete Blocks For Your Raised Garden Beds

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A raised garden bed can be used for ornamentals or for vegetables. For example, you can line a driveway with garden boxes filled with colorful flowers, or you can create a gridwork of raised food plots in the backyard. Concrete blocks are a simple way to create the perfect raised beds, since these are durable and attractive. The following tips can help you pick out the perfect blocks to create the most attractive garden.

Tip #1: Choose a bed shape

The shape of the garden bed determines which blocks are best for the bed. If you are sticking with straight edges and sharp corners, you can use square or rectangular blocks. Cinder blocks are a simple yet durable option. If you want curves on your bed, opt for curved retaining wall blocks. These are wider on one side than the other, which allows you to fit them together into a curve.

Tip #2: Pick a color

The great thing about concrete is you aren't stuck with boring cement gray. You can purchase blocks in a variety of colors, or you can contact a concrete contractor to cast blocks in the specific color that you need. The concrete is dyed during mixing, so the color runs true throughout the block. This is better than painting because any chips to the block will be less visible since the color is present throughout. You can even mix and match block colors to create a design of your choice, such as a checkerboard look.

Tip #3: Add some texture

Texture is almost as important as color and shape when designing a garden bed. Perfectly smooth blocks give a modern streamlined appearance to the home, while rougher blocks can be more reminiscent of vintage bricks. You can even get cement blocks that are made to look like stone.

Tip #4: Consider some extras

One of the final things you need to consider when picking out the blocks is any design extras that you want to incorporate. For example, one benefit of using cinder blocks are the open holes on the top. You can fill these with soil and plant herbs or annual flowers around the edge of your garden bed. Capstones are another decorative option. These are seated on top of the wall to give it a more finished appearance. You can even get lighted blocks, which have solar lights installed into the side of the block. Placing these at intervals along the side of the raised bed can provide some night time interest.

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