5 Causes Of Cracked Concrete Driveways

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Do you have cracks in your concrete driveway? If so, it is a good idea to find out what has caused the cracks to occur before you make the repairs. Failure to pinpoint the problem and rectify it will lead to the freshly repaired concrete to crack again. So, what could be the cause of your cracked concrete driveway? Below, you will find five common causes for you to consider:

Poorly Mixed Concrete

If the concrete was mixed with too much water before it was poured, the concrete will crack. Water is mixed into concrete to make it easier to install. Unfortunately, if too much water is used, the concrete becomes soupy. When the concrete dries, all of that excess water evaporates out of the mix causing the concrete to shrink and crack.

Missing or Ineffective Control Joints

Every concrete surface must have control joints placed throughout. These control joints are what prevents the concrete from cracking as the changing temperatures cause the surface to expand and contract.

Poor Drainage

If your concrete surface has areas in which water puddles and sits for several hours or days after the rain has stopped, the water will eventually damage the concrete. This is because concrete is a porous material that will absorb the water.

Not only does the excess water damage the concrete itself, but it can eventually seep below the surface and begin damaging the supports that are underneath the driveway. One this happens, the driveway will need to be dug out and new supports put in place.

Heavy Vehicles

Heavy vehicles can be very damaging to concrete driveways, especially if these vehicles weren't taken into consideration when the concrete was poured. Concrete comes in a variety of strengths, so if you own heavier vehicles or heavier vehicles use your driveway often, the concrete that is poured should be formulated to withstand the abuse over the years.

Tree Root Damage

The trees that border your driveway could be damaging your concrete from under the ground. The root systems could be growing into the concrete supports and causing the cracking. So, you will have two choices – eliminate the trees or reroute the driveway.

Your best option is to talk with your concrete contractor about the repairs that need to be made and what may have caused the cracks to begin with. You can then make repairs that will last many years into the future. Contact a company such as Fleshcon / Clearview Concrete to learn more.