How To Remove That Old Concrete Wall In Your Home's Yard This Weekend

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If your home has an ugly, old concrete wall in the yard that was installed by a previous owner, then you will be happy to know that you can easily remove it. While removing concrete is a physical job, with the right tools you can complete this demolition project in an afternoon for a smaller wall, or in a weekend for a larger one.

Follow these steps to remove your yard's unsightly concrete wall:

Step 1: Gather Necessary Equipment and Supplies

To remove a concrete wall you need the following tools and equipment:

Health Warning: Working with concrete dust can be harmful to your eyes and lungs. You should always wear goggles and a respirator when breaking or cutting concrete. You should also wear boots, long clothing, and gloves for added protection against injury.

Step 2: Cut or Break the Concrete

To remove the concrete, you will need to either break it up with your sledgehammer or cut it with the concrete saw. For a smaller wall, you can just beat on it with the sledgehammer and remove it in pieces. For a larger wall, you want to cut it into one-foot by one-foot sections and remove them.

If you cut the sections any larger, then they may be too large for you to lift and place into the recycling container.

You will need to use the prybar to remove chunks of concrete from the wall. Place the end of the pry bar into a crack you have created and lift or lower the bar to remove the concrete more easily using the help of the physics of levers.

If you discover that the concrete wall was reinforced with rebar, you can cut the rebar with either the diamond blade of the concrete saw or with an angle grinder with a metal concrete cutting blade installed on it.

Step 3: Load the Concrete into a Recycling Container

Concrete is considered to be a "clean fill" material and as such can be recycled for future building projects. You should place all of the broken up concrete into a recycling container that can be picked up and delivered to a building material recycling center for reuse.


You now have all of the necessary information to remove that old concrete wall from your home's yard. If you feel that this project is not within your set of do-it-yourself skills, then you should contact a licensed concrete contractor in your area for a quote to perform this job for you.